Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Based In Perth, Western Australia

Vehicle vs pedestrian accidents are typically due to negligent or distracted driving. Texting while driving is a high contributor to these types of accidents. In either case we know from experience that most drivers claim the pederstian stepped into the road and made it impossible for them to avoid. With decades of experience in these types of claims we know how to identify and establish the right contributing factors and represent you fairly.

Considerations for your case may include:

  • Accident reconstruction experts can be used where recollection of the accident is vague.
  • Investigation of complexities of the incident including punitive damages and drunk driving incidents.
  • If you have suffered serious injuries caused by negligence we will account for lost income and long term health requirements in your claim.

Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles typically result in serious injuries or permanently disabling conditions. We have many decades of experience in the city of Perth, Western Australia, in disputing claims involving accidents with pedestrians. No matter who you think to be at fault, you should always seek legal counsel.

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