Perth Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcyclists are particularly vunerable during collisions on the streets and freeways. Claim disputes usually revolve around fault, particularly when car's or truck are involved or unsafe lane changes. Failing to yeild to a motorcycle usually results in a serious accident with sometimes catastrophic consequenses. Legal advice can help you navigate the paper work and steps required to submit the claim of victim in a motorcycle accident. Relying on the insurance company to act in your best interests can be risky.

Motorcycle Accident Claims And Serious Injuries

We have many years experience in claiming motorcycle accident injuries and are experienced in dealing with the issues that are unique to motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents raise many differnet scenarios when compared to car accidents and we treat them differently. For the best result it is wise to choose a lawyer that specialises in motorcycle claims and not just motor vehicle accidents. in Our mission is to obtain all compensation available to you and your family for full financial support and personal recovery.

The areas we take care of are:

  • Investigation of causation and fault - Accident reconstruction by industry experts when needed
  • Investigation of evidence in gross negligence and intoxicated driver cases
  • Documentation of medical records, rehabilitation and treatment needs
  • Examination of involved insurance company policies and additional sources of recovery
  • Preparation of a just settlement
  • Preparation of your case in anticipation of a possible trial

For information on serious injuries that may be permanently disabling or if you have lost a family member in a wrongful death accident legal advice is highly recommended.

Responsive Legal Action

For advice from a Perth motorcycle accident lawyer we will provide a free case evaluation